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Magical Vintage Midnight Sapphire & Diamond Trilogy Ring


Circa 1930's/40's, an especially lovely vintage trilogy ring featuring a velvetty blue Sapphire accented by two old hand cut Diamonds. The old gems are a hand cut oval shaped Sapphire (with delightful natural zoning which you can see in our pics) and two pristine white old European cut Diamonds, each measured at 0.10ct and as sparkly as you could wish! An especially desirable choice for an engagement or anniversary ring, pieces such as this are getting scarce. Special too as a vintage ring is the perfect ethical choice, using no new resources and showing a distinctive character and beauty. The fine setting of Platinum rests on an 18ct yellow Gold band and gallery, all elegant and gently smoothed with age. The ring size is an 'O' or US '7', but we can easily alter for fit in our workshop, just leave us a message on your order form.