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Majestic Vintage Art Deco Diamond 'Toi et Moi' Ring


Our new muse, this exquisite creation perfectly captures the glamorous mood of the time!! A sparkly sensation, the design centres around two older recycled hand cut Victorian era Diamonds which are caressed in twin 'arms' a-twinkle with further smaller Diamonds, the whole setting hand crafted from fine Platinum in the fashionable (and very romantic) 'Toi et Moi' style of the time, on a band of 18ct White Gold. 

A magical entrancement, the unforgettable allure is shaped so perfectly to the finger, with the most striking impact which is bound to draw comments. The two precious old gems we have measured at around 0.35ct and 0.65ct (so, one carat plus the shoulder stones). A unique jewel, we imagine this ring to have been a custom piece made from family stones as the two principal Diamonds which date to the mid to late 19th century are quite different in both size and colour, the larger of the two being a pretty and distinctive pale lemon shade. Each is hand faceted in sympathy with the crystalline shaping of the natural Diamond and as such has that added charm which we so LOVE. 

The ring measures as a size 'M and a half' or '6.25' but we can alter to suit for free. 

If you'd like to arrange to pay for this piece in instalments, see our Layaway Terms here.