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Most Adorably Sweet Antique Diamond Earrings


Late Victorian luvlies, these antique Diamond earrings favour a naturalistic style with a cushion-shaped hand-cut Diamond to the stud and with trembling drops to beneath Diamanded leaves. A delightful tremble on the ear, the olden hand cut Diamonds have both personality and sparkle, each cut with individuality and skill their faceting showing the shape of the natural crystals. All so sweet and enchanting! A lovely choice for a special birthday, the Diamonds measure at around 0.20ct to each ear and have that perfectly imperfect touch which the human hand and eye have bestowed in their creation. Always fashionable a pair of earrings such as these can be worn at special occasions down the years as a family heirloom.

They measure half an inch lengthwise and have newer (replaced) yellow Gold fittings.