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Most Lovely Antique Victorian Garnet Ring


With echoes of centuries past, this gemstone beauty shows a lovely sparkly pinky hued Almandine Garnet faceted in a cushion shape and mounted in a classic ten claw setting of 9ct yellow Gold. 

dating to the latter 19th century, the design shows an historic aesthetic oft seen in antique paintings, the Rhodalite/Almandine Garnet is held aloft from the wide band, offered as a gem revered by ancient civilizations and so named 'Granat' in Latin for its colour being similar to a Pomegranate. This example is beautifully clean and clear from inclusions, glowing with warmth as the hand is turned. 

The ring size is an 'M and a half' or '6.75' but could easily be altered to suit, just leave us a message on your order form.