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Nicely Neat Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

Item #07182


Truly lovesome, an original Art Deco inspired solitaire engagement ring from the mid 20th century, but set using a hand cut Diamond from at least a century before. This kind of recycling is something which jeweller's are so good at; re-using beautiful old stones and re-smelting the gold and precious metals to create anew. In this case the Diamond is an old oval-ish shaped early brilliant with a high, domed pavilion and chunky faceting (the estimated weight, judged in the setting is 0.40ct).

The classic squared geometric Art Deco look of the mount continues to the shaped platinum shoulders and down to the slim 18ct yellow gold band charmingly.  Rings such as this are a perfect counterpoint between the old and the new, as the aesthetic is a familiar one and never ages. We can easily change the size to suit for free, but it is currently an 'L/6'. 

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