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Oh Romantic Soul! 1.20ct Antique Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Behold her majesty! A perfectly gorgeous and immensely glittery old mine cut Diamond which was cut in the mid 19th century, set in a simple coronet mount of 18ct yellow Gold and Platinum, the epitome of a classic solitaire engagement ring. The Diamond measures a good 1.20ct and is a wonderful example of it's type, with large open facets which reflect the light so impressively. It is a cushion shape which was very common at the time given the natural crystalline shape of the Diamond being pyramidical, (see the last image) as the modern rounded cuts hadn't been developed yet.

The bewitchingly beautiful Diamond is most likely of South African origin and is very clean, having a single natural white inclusion to the side facet visible in the second photograph, just above the right shoulder. We would judge the colour to be H/I and the clarity VS11. These old gems do not tend to match well to the modern grading system which has only been in use since the 1950's and is designed for modern cuts. 

A piece of history and a truly original choice as an engagement ring, this jewel is one to treasure and keep in your family as stones such as this are being re-cut every day into modern shapes and their hand cut individuality lost forever. The mount is stamped for London 1985, and so is a newer setting for this antique beauty. The ring size is an 'L' or '5.5' but adjustment to fit is easy and free.