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Old Cushion Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring


Mesmerically glinty, three olden hand cut Georgian era Diamonds, mounted as a romantic 'Trilogy' said to represent the Past, Present and Future of LOVE, this piece is really quite special. The ring setting likely dates to the latter 20th century and the custom Platinum mount is hand crafted, the Diamonds which would have had a previous life in a grandiose antique jewel were reset at this time, so it's at least the third time around for these fabulous Gems! They measure at least 0.35ct each (with a Schindler Gauge), so a good carat of antique bling! The stones are cushiony shaped and what we call 'perfectly imperfect', having natural flaws... one of the end stones has a 'natural' cleave to the girdle, and the two others show Carbon inclusions... look at the magnified photographs, we have priced with this in mind and can send further videos for you to inspect. We'd just love to find this awesome beauty an appreciative new home. 

The ring size is an 'O' or '7.5' but could easily be altered to suit. 

We will supply a Valuation for Insurance purposes with this piece, and if you'd like to pay in instalments, have a read through our LAYAWAY Terms.