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Unique Old Peruzzi Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Our new muse; an antique delight with a scintillatingly flashy brilliance and a compelling history. This poetic old Diamond which would have been a scarce gem at the time was cut by hand in the late 17th or early 18th century and has survived unscathed to this date (most old Diamonds are recut to conform to contemporary standards and appeal modern tastes). Still reflecting the natural crystalline pyramid on pyramid shape of the Diamond, the historic Peruzzi cut was designed to increase the number of facets and thereby magnify the fire and lustre of the Diamond as the (candle)light hits upon each facet. 

A rarely seen beauty which affords us a glimpse down the ages, the old 17th century Diamond measures at around 0.65ct, and this Diamond will almost certainly have come from the old mines in India, the only known source of Diamonds at the time. 

Laterly mounted in Rosey 9ct Gold sometime in the 1910's/1920's, this special old Diamond makes a fascinating ring to celebrate an engagement. The ring size can be adjusted to suit, but measures as a 'K' or '5' as is.