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Fabuloso Vintage Synthetic Alexandrite Cocktail Dress Ring


A visually stunning cocktail dress ring in ornate 14ct white Gold and set with a fabulous colour change Synthetic Alexandrite. The strongly lilac gem changes under different lighting conditions to have an olive hue, or a brighter cyan tinge. 

The whole of the fanciful setting is completely hand crafted by a very skilled jeweller indeed. A triumph of the jeweller's art, it has a filigree underbezel, a scalloped crown and gorgeous elaborate leaf detailing to the shoulders. All of white Gold, inside the band it bears a European '14K' mark for 14ct Gold. 

This is a substantial ring and might be too grandiose for a small hand. A ring size 'O' or US '7', we could adjust if required and do so for free, just make a note on your order form.