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Adorable Liebling Date 1907 Rose-cut Diamond Cluster Ring

#07254 {ON HOLD}

This is a really special piece, which on the hand has a warm familiarity so appealing. Sadly, we have no idea of it's history, but inside the band it has the inscription 'Gedenken 1881-1907', which translated from the German means to commemorate and so must have once been a much treasured jewel. 

An enchantingly sweet oval shape; set with nine charming old rose cut Diamonds which have a beautifully glinting impact. The setting is all platinum and leads to an warm rosy gold band and nicely galleried underbezel, all super hand crafted details which make these antique gems so sought after. 

We can easily adjust the size for it's new owner. It is currently an 'K' or US '5.5'. The head of the ring measures 11mm by 9mm.