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Rare Antique Hand Blown Glass Pearl Drop Earrings

Item #3314


Rare antique drop faux 'Pearl' earrings, miraculously preserved. The beautifully crafted pear drop shaped 'Pearls' are made of hand blown glass, the inside coated with 'Essence d'Orient', (a solution of fish scales) and then filled with wax to give them weight. On hand made 9ct yellow Gold wires, the earrings drop 2.8cm from the top of the wire. Pearls such as those seen in this painting have been worn for centuries, so valued (and rare) were real natural Pearls. 

Read our blog article about the creation and history of these Pearls. 

Please note one of the Pearls has a crack to the back (not detrimental to wear), this may have been present from it's creation. 

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