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Rare Antique Cornish Red Serpentine Heart Amulet Pendant


Worn as a talisman for protection or perhaps purchased as a gift, this rare antique Red Serpentine heart pendant has a marvellously harmonious aura. Completely hand crafted and mounted in gently coloured 9ct yellow gold, the hues are warm and rich with gorgeous conkery whorls of colour throughout. This gorgeous natural stone comes from Poltesco at the foot of the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall and making pieces for the tourist market was an important source of income for the locals at the time. We are unsure of the exact age of this piece, but we believe circa 1850's as this was the height of the popularity of Serpentine. The heart measures one inch by 6/8ths of an inch, and is ready to wear as a charming gift again.