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Rarest Antique Georgian Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl & Ruby Ring

#71255 (ON HOLD)

Fashioned of old, a rare and very unusual antique Georgian dress ring dating to around 1810, an early piece as most of the Cat's Eye rings we've seen date to the 1870's or later. A wide tapered band of rich 18ct yellow Gold, skilfully and very beautifully hand engraved with a fine scrolling feathered design and a trio of scarce cabochon Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl gems accented by the bright pink points of hand cut Burmese colour Rubies. Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl is genuinely rare, being found only in a few deposits in the world, most notably in Sri Lanka and Brazil, and these gems have been treasured for many centuries, and believed to be a powerful protective stone, particularly against evil spirits. Named for their 'chatoyancy' these gemstones are a beautiful honeyed shade and display excellent glowing effect. 

Immediately capturing our hearts, we'd never seen such an unusual and striking combination, one which is entirely hand crafted and the creation of an original imagination. It's a desirable piece to add to any collection of antique jewellery as you'll never see another the same. 

Smoothly warm to the touch, this ring is sized at an 'O and a half' or '7.25' but it may be possible to adjust a wee bit to suit, so send us a message to find out.