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Rare Lovely! Antique Hand Cut Diamond Cluster Ring


Our favourite pieces often have a story to tell, and this piece is definitely one of those. Romantically fashioned as a pretty floral cluster or 'rosette', this blossom will warm her way into your heart. In the Georgian style with cut down settings, the glittery old hand cut Diamonds date in cutting style to around 1860's or so and being set in Silver (which was the custom at the time, before resources of Platinum had been found) we believe this piece is an earlier Victorian cluster remounted on a beautiful later 18ct Gold carved shank. Each of the stones is a unique creation, faceted in harmony with the natural Diamond crystal they are a twinkly marvel, completely captivating! They have a high profile with large facets which sparkle most charmingly in candlelight! The carved band has the loveliest detailing which adds to the antique aura of the whole piece, and the effect is quite beautiful on the hand. The cluster measures 12mm across and the ring size is an 'M' or '6', but we could easily alter the size to suit. Just leave us a message on your order form. The combined Diamond weight we estimate in the region of 1.10ct.