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Refined Early 19th Century Flourish Paste Brooch


An antique brooch entirely made by hand with such attention to the finest detail including the reverse which was originally gilded and now has the most rhapsodic patina of metallic earthy hues. Of Continental construction, the twinkles come from a multitude of 'Strass' stones (faceted glass cut to glitter like Diamonds) and against the intricately woven darkened silver setting they are most captivating. 

The asymmetric design is pierced by hand and has quirks as it's nature including a section on the side where it looks as though the matching 'bobbles' have been lost, but in fact this is original to the manufacture and a result of the Jeweller making a slip with the saw. In addition, some of the gems are darkened or rubbed, but all commensurate with age. It's these personal details which we LOVE!

Measures 4.5cm end to end, the clasp which is in gold is a simple 'c'. 

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