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Resplendent Old Hand Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring


A very special and immensely glittery vintage engagement ring, quite one of the loveliest of it's kind we've seen in a while! Three majestic old 'European' cut Diamonds, plumply profiled, their large facets sending sparkling rays of brilliance at each movement of the hand; a heart-stopping display of natural beauty enhanced by the cutter who has allowed the spectacular scintillation of these unique old gems to shine through. 

The delightfully slender mount is handmade too and has unusual details in the two colour platinum and 18ct yellow gold coronet setting featuring sweet double claws, and the whole has has an endearing loveliness which captures the heart quite perfectly. The total Diamond content we have measured to be around 1.25ct (0.35ct, 0.50ct, 0.35ct) and the ring size is a 'P.5' or '8', but could easily be adjusted to fit her lucky new owner.