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Romantic Love! Antique Diamond Five-Stone Diamond Ring


Splendidly fashioned of old in rich 18ct yellow Gold, a very special antique five stone Diamond 'half hoop' ring. Uniquely lovely, we've never seen another the same! Dating to the late 19th century, the whole mount is shaped in 18ct yellow Gold with a gorgeous carved elaboration to the shoulders and the gems are mounted with an ornamental heart shaped scalloped gallery. Precious survivors, the gorgeous glinting hand cut stones date in cutting style to the 18th century, having high, square profiles and chunky facets which would have first sparkled under candlelight, and so were re used at the time this ring was made.

The combined Diamond weight we judge at around 0.80/0.90ct

This adorable ring has uniquely lovely qualities and deserves a loving new home, and we'll just keep her here until that person comes along.  

The ring size could be adjusted if needed, as is it's a 'P and a half' or US '7 and three quarters'.