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OH SIGH! Blessed Antique Diamond Cross Ring


As pictured in old portraits, an antique ring in a Cross shape set to steal your heart! Such a precious find, fashioned by hand in 18ct yellow Gold, it shews five very old hand cut Diamonds, (faceted in the style dating to the 17th/18th century) which were re-used upon the creation of this beauty! So unusual and with such a rich history. We believe it to have been made around the 1860's and it may have been intended to show devotion or inspired by a love of art, but either way it has been loved and worn, showing softening to the Gold which we feel adds to the character. We measure the Diamonds at around 0.60ct combined, and they are as lovely as one could hope for, their fascinating glimmer as light on crystal water cut in the very old squarey early brilliant style with high crown and steep sides so that they sparkle from every angle. 

The ring size is a 'K and a half' or '5.5' but could be easily altered to suit.