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Sparkliest Stars!! Vintage Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring


Adorably proportioned to captivate the eye, this vintage Diamond ring in the trilogy style (symbolising the past, present and future of LOVE) is full of meaning and emotion. Trembling with glittersome light, each of the beauteous old Diamonds was cut by hand in the faceting style used around the turn of the 20th century with high pavilions which can be seen from the side view and large even facets giving a very distinctive and dramatic sparkle. The centre Diamond measures at 1.07ct judged using a Moe scale and callipers and spreads a carat on the Schindler gauge, and the two side stones judged at 0.25-0.30ct each. The centre sparkler has a Carbon inclusion which is visible with the naked eye, but as  the stones are so remarkably white and bright this is well hidden in the faceting. 

With an impression of affection this is a very special piece and deserves a loving new home. The hand crafted setting is of fine Platinum which is used for the coronet to the Diamonds, and 18ct yellow Gold for the slender band. The ring size is an 'O' or '7' but this can easily be altered to suit the lucky new owner.