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Sparkly Date 1978 Diamond Daisy Cluster Ring


Dated by a hallmark applied in London to 1978, this traditional vintage cluster ring in the shape of a pretty Daisy would make a lovely birthday gift or engagement ring. A delightful sight on the hand, the centre modern brilliant-cut Diamond measures at 0.25ct and was chosen for the slight champagne tint which makes the design stand out so well and accentuates the 'Daisy' design, framed by ten white and glittery brilliant-cut Diamonds, 20 points in total. Mounted in 18ct Gold; white to the setting and yellow to the underbezel and slender band, the ring size is an 'M and a half' or '6.25' but could be altered to suit, just leave us a message on your order form. The Daisy head measures a touch over 1cm across.