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Spellbound! Vintage Hand Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring

Item #07980

A wonderful find, this pristine vintage 1930's Platinum and Diamond trilogy ring is quite splendid quality. A fascinating symmetry, the immensely glittery old hand cut Diamonds are set snugly together with the tiniest of Platinum claws (Platinum is such a strong metal, which is why it is used for the claws). The gems are magnificent old European cuts, each with the uniquely beautiful faceting which is characteristic of this cut which melds the science of how light disperses through the Diamond and yet still reflects a little of the original shaping of the crystal and shows the skill of the cutter. Such giddying perfection. 

We have measured the stones at 1.45ct combined.....

The mount of Platinum is hand made (under magnification even the saw marks are visible) and the raised coronet style is light and lovely with tiny round 'Cheniers' to the shoulders and one can see the Pavilion through the open gallery. A ring which will be coveted for it's unforgettable impact upon the hand, perfect as an engagement or anniversary ring. The ring size could easily be altered to suit, but measures at an 'M' or '6' as is. 

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