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Splendidly Georgian Foiled Rock Crystal Lace Pin Brooch

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The sweetest little antique Georgian era button style brooch, perfect in it's completeness! An adorable way to fasten a fichu (it's orginal purpose would have been to hold in place a lace or linen neck square), secure a scarf or just add an extra twinkle on a lapel, this agreeable Georgian trinket would have been quite the zenith of fashion in her time and that romance lives on.... Over two centuries old, in silver with a low carat closed back gold dished backing, the patina is superb and really adds beauty to the whole piece. There are certainly grander gems, but sometimes simplicity itself is all that's needed. 

For scale, this little antique beaut measures 13mm across and is in all original condition with the charming curved pin shaped to backing perfectly preserved. 

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