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Stellar Sparkly!! Antique Toi et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring


One of the grandest beauties of its style we have had the joy to see! In the romantic two-stone crossover or  'Toi et Moi' style, dating to the early 20th century and beautifully hand crafted, she really is a mesmeric glitterbabe!! So flattering upon the hand, the two stones clasped together in that close embrace symbolic of the style, the brilliant old hand cut Diamonds measure at 0.65ct and 0.80ct. In a further point of interest; they are different cuts, one a little older than the other..... From the side view you'll see the slightly higher tummy of the 0.80ct which is an old cushion shaped mid Victorian stone with a slightly warmer colour than the other; which is an Old European cut dating to the 1890's and is a cooler white. Both very lovely and clean they compliment each other to charming effect and give qualities to this ring which you'll never find in a new piece. The Shoulders which curve around them are likewise glittery with old hand cut gems and the whole a delightful and precious find. The setting is of fine Platinum onto an 18ct mellow yellow band which is currently sized at a 'U' or '10' but could easily be altered to suit.