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Such a Glorious Antique Georgian Natural Pearl Half Hoop Ring

Item #L1322


A blessed beauty, almost two centuries old and still bestowing her luminous calmness upon the hand. The eight half natural Pearls are an enchanting unbleached creamy white, each a miracle in itself (only one in every 1000 shells has a Pearl!). The band is tapered and engraved so prettily with a charming Rococo floralesque motif so typical of the era, she would have belonged to a fashionable young lady and been worn to the wonderful balls which were so popular at the time. 

The harmonious band style sits so closely to the finger and is easy to wear alongside other rings. Sadly, it isn't possible to adjust, but she is a nice average 'N' or US '7'. the gold tests to around 9ct (and has been stamped as such at a later date).

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