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Top Quality 15ct Gold Etruscan Style Drop Earrings


A divine classical inspiration! As worn by Etruscan goddesses, earrings such as these would have been among the most desired jewels at the time of their creation. The Etruscan Revival period in the mid to late 19th century saw an inspiration taken from the finds of ancient Etrurian Civilizations recreated to suit a romantic and fashionable modern woman. Craftspeople across Europe endeavoured to re-learn the old technique and fashioned such gorgeous jewels as these earrings. 

All in fabulous high carat 15-18ct yellow Gold with a lustrous bloomed finish (15ct was used solely in the UK between 1854-1932 for better quality jewels), they are a symphony of balance and composition with extremely fine wirework and granulation applied to the hollow beads at the top and the twisted rods to the drops. 

There is the tiniest dent to the back of one of the drops. They measure 4.5cm from the top of the earwire. Read more about the Etruscans here...