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A Truly Impressive Antique Rose Cut Diamond Corsage Brooch


Bespangled with old rose cut Diamonds, an embellishment worthy of the most romantic intention; a bouquet or spray of foiled antique hand cut Diamonds, each a different tint, from palest tea stained delicacy, fizzy champagne to starbursts of brilliant white, each has also its own shape and faceting which adds the liveliest sparkulation to the whole assemblage. The shape of the flow-ret has been captured so realistically, with each stem arching from the central Rose, the back gently gilded in rose gold wash as was the custom and finishing nicely with a safety clasp. All is hand crafted, with the minutest of details creating prettiness.

This is a piece to treasure and wear for special occasions, perhaps as a family heirloom. The bouquet shape sits flatteringly against the body and is an easy match to collars or necklines, adding a noticeably attention seeking fancy.

The brooch measures 5.5cm across by 3cm. It is marked for .833 Silver in the Netherlands from 1814-1953.