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Uber BLING Vintage Triple Diamond Cluster Ring


This is a real 'notice me' piece! A mesmerising glitterball of sparkle, this wonderful triple cluster ring has undeniable star quality! The lovely fiery white Diamonds are romantically set closely together as chrysanthemum flowers, all beautifully shaped to the finger, an impressive ring with lots of sparkly stones, but the clever construction means that it is neat too. 

Circa 1960's, the gems are all 'brilliant-cut', a faceting style designed to exploit the scintillating capacity of Diamonds, and with a total weight of around 1.60ct, the centre gem measures 0.50ct and the two main side stones 0.35ct each, and the smaller clusters of Diamonds around 0.03ct each. A word of warning..... just make sure you're wearing sunglasses when you watch our video! 

All in Platinum, this is a piece which screams quality and glamour! The ring size is a 'P' or '7.5' but could be altered to suit. Just let us know what size you'd like.