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Rapturously Beautiful Vintage Hand Cut Diamond Cluster Ring


Such an intriguing vision of decadent loveliness! This vintage Diamond cluster ring is adorably winsome; scattering a constellation of glittering rainbows which dance from the old Diamonds as the light flickers upon their plump hand cut facets. Shaped so nicely to the finger, a beauteous creation, a sense of wonder is evoked as you realise that it has a mysterious story, having been skilfully fashioned from olden parts; we imagine using family Diamonds and an antique wedding ring as the band. This kind of unspoken provenance is scarce and adds a touching thread of endearing familiarity to a piece which can never be found in a new piece. 

The Diamonds date from the late Victorian era and have a captivating sparkle, each stone cut by hand magically illuminating the Diamond magic which is held within the rough crystals. We have measured the total weight of the gems as over a carat and just looook at the quality of them! Wonderfully white and clean you can see their sweet faceting under 20x magnification in our photographs when you roll over them. 

The old wedding band which has been used for the shank of this ring is of 15ct yellow gold and was hallmarked in 1929 in Birmingham. The ring size 'R.5' or US '8 and three quarters' but could be adjusted quite easily and for free. The 'head' of the ring measures 12mm by 13mm.