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Victorian Diamond & Enamel Earrings


Circa 1860's, a precious find in quality 18ct yellow Gold with enchanting old hand faceted Diamonds, these antique earrings reflect the obsession with all things Archaeological at the time. Finding inspiration in the great museums showing finds from antiquity, artists created jewels for the cultured to wear to reflect their interest in Classical Civilizations. A floral starburst cut out in Gold and finely enamelled in Royal Blue, their very minuteness is touching, each of the Diamonds faceted by hand, they are likely all recycled gems from some earlier jewel. 

We have changed to screw fittings for custom traditional 'Shepherd's crook' earwires in our workshop, all in 18ct yellow Gold, and they sit just below the lobe quite sweetly. They measure just over 2cm from the top of the wire, the starbursts themselves 12mm lengthwise.