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Extra-ordinary Jewelled Crown Amethyst Pendant


Avowedly SPECIAL, this antique jewel is one that could rightly have been made for a Queen, or a King. A custom or commissioned piece, the whole is skilfully fashioned by hand in 18ct yellow Gold to resemble an imagined crown jewel. Dating to the Edwardian era, circa 1900-1910, this unusual jewel shows a rich Royal purple Amethyst with gorgeous reddy overtones carved into a heart shape hanging pendant beneath a hand crafted crown mounted with fourteen small natural Pearls, Rubies and zesty green Russian Demantoid Garnets. Could it have been made to celebrate the Coronation of Edward VII? The time frame is just right....

Measures an impressive two inches by one inch, the Amethyst one inch either way, and we estimate weighs around 32 carats.