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Lovesome Vintage Five Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Item #07405


Five equally beautiful old hand cut Diamonds, their sparkling icy white facets so distinctively charming. In harmoniously round platinum collets the setting is gently curved to fit the finger, in this mid 20th century ring. On a slim band of 18ct yellow gold which has the marking 'fine plat', the Diamond weight is around 0.70ct.

The chunky old Diamonds are squared in shape reflecting the natural Diamond crystal and which allows us to date the cutting style to the early part of the 19th century. They have been re-used at the point of this ring's creation presenting a nicely reassuring aspect of choosing a vintage ring in that the materials have been reused and recycled and no new resources used.

We could easily adjust the ring size (which is an 'L' or '5 and three quarters') to fit for free. 

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