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Vintage Hand Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring


A unique and very special vintage trilogy Diamond ring, perfect as an engagement or anniversary ring as it's slim profile sits nicely next to a band. The three old Diamonds which originate in the 19th century, each have their own natural quirks and personality, as these old gems were cut reflecting their natural shaping (we judge them in the setting to measure 0.20, 0.30, 0.20ct). The coronet setting of platinum features cute double claws on a softly yellow 9ct gold band. 

We believe this vintage lovely dates to the mid 1940's when it was commonplace because of wartime Utility measures to use 9ct gold for gemset rings. The ring size is an 'O' or US '7', but is easy to adjust in our workshop. Please inspect the stones under 20x magnification in our photographs as they do have natural inclusions.