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Vintage Perfection! Art Deco Era Platinum Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Item #07278


Highly sought after, rings of this awesomely lovely quality aren't often found these days! The adorable feature stone is a gorgeously white old European cut Diamond (measured at 0.35ct plus), high in profile with beautiful kite shaped faceting and a gently fizzy sparkle. It is a wonderful thought that all the Diamonds in this ring were recycled at the time of it's creation in the early 20th century, and twinkling down the shoulders are old 18th century Table cut Diamonds, which although cut some two centuries earlier, still give that characteristic geometric Art Deco look. Features such as this are those that give charm and interest to these old pieces and make our hearts swell!

Completely hand made with a nice weight, the metal is all Platinum, making this beauty hard wearing too. The ring size could be altered to fit it's new owner, it is a 'K' or US '5 and a quarter'. 

The main stone has a carbon inclusion visible at 20x magnification in picture 4.  

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