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Vintage Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


A most sparkly vintage Diamond Solitaire engagement ring featuring a Modern Brilliant-cut Diamond measuring 0.80ct (judged using a Schindler Gauge) mounted in Platinum.In the classic 'Tiffany' style, the design is simplicity itself, but if you look closely at the small details you'll see the care which has been taken to add pretty little hearts around the gallery (all laboriously hand pierced) to capture that magical emotion associated with this happy occasion. The glittering display is quite remarkably eye-catching and especially so as the Modern Brilliant is regarded as giving the best scintillation. The Diamond itself is a lovely clear white throughout but has a few natural Carbon inclusions (where the Carbon hasn't turned to Diamond) around the centre, which for a Diamond cutter is the best place to hide them. See the magnified photographs to judge, it shows in photo 5. The ring size is an 'S' or '9.5' but can easily be altered to suit.