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Vintage Saltwater Cultured Akoya Pearl Necklace

Item #0755


A classic vintage 1950's statement graduated Cultured Pearl necklace. Pearls such as these will always elevate an outfit with a touch of 'je ne sais quoi'! Cultured from the Akoya oyster in Japan, it is a very labour intensive process as each of these beads (particularly the larger ones) would have taken years to grow, one to each shell. They measure from 5mm at the smallest to 9mm the central bead, and very lovely quality, they have a gorgeous, skin-illuminating lustre which is so charming. 

Freshly rethreaded by hand it is knotted each bead for security and the finished length is 17.5 inches. The necklace closes with an adorable handmade antique Victorian Paste and Silver clasp in a rosette design. The perfect finishing touch!

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