A Peek at our Daily Routine; Dressing the Window
jewellery shop window
Customers and passersby often watch us dressing the window each morning and comment (yes, we can hear you through the glass!😉) that we have to take each piece in and out of the window every day. Yes we do! For security. It takes about an hour in the morning and in the evening; well, that's much quicker.... 20 minutes to get everything tucked safely away in the safe. There are upwards of 200 pieces and the process is somewhat akin to a jigsaw puzzle. It gives us a daily familiarity with our pieces and it’s a ritual which we’ve done for years. We will tweek a little, switch boxes sometimes and on occasion a piece might ‘speak’ to us by falling out of its box or even it might catch your eye from a different angle and you pull it out to appreciate something you’d not noticed before. We’re very superstitious about those times as it can mean that the jewel will be on its way to a new home soon. Sounds bonkers but it’s happened time and time again and so we regard those times as a happy omen.


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