Each month has it's associated gemstone, and the wearing of a gemstone associated to your birth month dates back to ancient civilizations when it was believed that gemstones had great power to influence the wearer's life and could offer protection, bring luck, health and prosperity. 


January - Garnet, symbolizing friendship and trust.
February - Amethyst, for spirituality, it will help the wearer to keep a healthy and balanced mind.
March - Aquamarine/Bloodstone, will keep the wearer safe at sea, and bring happiness.
April - Diamond is associated with love, eternity and invincibility!
May - Emerald/Chrysoprase, these gemstones are associated with rebirth.
June - Pearl/Moonstone are both gems of Venus and bring happiness and tender passion.
July - Ruby/Carnelian, representing love and good fortune. 
August - Peridot/Sardonyx, these gems can instill strength and power in the wearer.
September - Sapphire, which represents sincerity, loyalty and protects the wearer and their loved ones from harm.
October - Opal for faith, purity and hope, bringing balance.
November - Citrine/Topaz, both gems have a healing influence and will instil courage in the wearer.
December - Turquoise for love, happiness and luck, symbolising new beginnings.