Our motto is 're-use, re-pair, re-vive, re-cycle, and re-LOVE!!

In an age where so much is disposable, our vintage and antique jewellery has a relevance ever more poignant and represents a positive ethical choice. All our antique and vintage jewellery has been worn and loved before, and to re-use is re-cycling at it's best! Restored and re-purposed, they make the most of our precious resources. Additionally, as our Diamonds and gemstones are old and vintage stones which were mined prior to the 1930's, they offer ease of conscience regarding 'conflict free gems'.

Re-use - Many pieces just need a little spruce up clean and polish, and they are ready to be re-homed.

Re-pair - Some items need a stone replacing or repolishing, or a little bit of solder work doing to get them ready for a new life.

Re-vive - When an item comes to us which has had a hard life and is beyond repair we will sometimes try to give it a new start by transforming it into a new item, for instance a lonely single earring can sometimes be turned into a pendant.

Re-cycle - Zero waste. Jewellers are the worlds' best recyclers...as every tiny gem and minute particle of precious gold dust can be recycled.

We are working towards making ALL of our packaging recycled and recyclable.