Antique Vintage Diamond Engagement RingA symbolically potent expression of enduring love and betrothal, the giving of an engagement ring is one of the most prominent traditions in Western culture. An engagement ring becomes part of the identity of the wearer and is a purchase which has a very real sentimental value. It could well be one of the most significant purchases of your life.

As it symbolises a new stage in your lives and may in time become a family heirloom, it should have both originality and enduring appeal. We believe that the sense of continuity of life which is felt in the wearing of a vintage or antique engagement ring is a precious emotion and so are drawn to seek out pieces that have a heart and soul as we feel that they make the most joyously eloquent expression of affection. So, if you too have a nostalgic heart and are looking for an original vintage or antique engagement ring, we are here to help you in your quest to find the perfect piece which reflects your personalities and expresses the way you feel. We choose rings which intrinsically have a charm and romance, individuality and heritage, that have lived before and deserve to be treasured again.


In selecting an antique or vintage engagement ring you are choosing something special, with a unique cachet; whether it be an early piece from the Georgian period, a sentimental Victorian piece, graceful Edwardian or adventurous Art Deco what you now have in your possession is a little piece of history. Your 'new' jewel will have had a life before, and comes to you with the richness and subtle echo of its mysterious 'history'. Furthermore, each aspect of each ring will be a one-off... from the rare and hand-cut Diamonds and precious gemstones to the uniqueness of design and expression of personality shown in the quality of hand work and craftsmanship such as is not often seen nowadays. Opting for an antique or vintage engagement ring represents a positive ethical choice too in a world where so much is disposable. As the Diamonds and gemstones are old and vintage stones which were mined prior to the 1930's, they offer ease of conscience regarding 'conflict free gems'. Antique and vintage jewellery represents recycling at its best! 

We'd be most delighted to help you find your special ring, we have many rare finds with great refinement and individuality; take a quick peek through our online selection and you’ll be enraptured by the fantastic range of antique and vintage rings which you will see.