Antique Jewellery Addicts

Some people say we are Jewellery Junkies, or Antique Addicts. We can't deny it! To put it simply; we work, live, talk and dream (yes, really) vintage Bling!!

Why do we love 'old' jewellery so? Well, for us it's the personal element...each piece is unique, most often handmade and hence has originality. Giving a new home to an old or vintage piece of jewellery is multi-layered... your 'new' jewel will have had a life before, and comes to you with a richness of heritage and the subtle echo of its mysterious 'history'. It may have evidence of wear from its previous owner, and as you wear and live with it, you will get to know your piece, becoming familiar with it from all angles.

Sometimes a new curiosity is awakened. An interest for the period in which it was created, an appreciation of its hand-craftmanship, and desire for knowledge about the metals, gemstones and techniques used at the time. It is a richer experience as there is so much to know and not least is the enjoyment in continuity in that now you become part of it's 'history'.
To us, this is the appeal...the mystique of the antique!


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