How to Make the Most of your Longuard or Muff Chain
longuard chainAn antique guard, longuard or muff chain is THE most versatile of additions to a jewellery wardrobe. Long and lovely, antique muff chains can be found in all types of links and metals; both simple trace, belcher and fancy twist or filigree, and in gold, silver, steel and base metals... whatever suits your pocket and individual style. Worn at their height of popularity during the Victorian era as a means to carry practical objects such as a fob, keys, scissors, buckle fastener, watch or eyeglass or meaningful pieces such as a precious locket, the length of these chains was often between 40 and 60 inches, meaning they could be doubled or worn tucked into a pocket or waistband.  
longuard chain

This extravagant length of chain is perfect to personalise your look according to neckline and whim as one can wrap and dangle to one's hearts desire! Add a swivel or large bolt ring and you have the means by which to further accessorize with a charm collection, fancy fob, watch or locket (whatever you find adds meaning) for a full on quirky nod at history. 

Have a play...we find creative use of a guard chain enables us to get several different looks out of a piece of jewellery, for instance to wear a locket or other pendant in various ways up high inside an open shirt for instance; triple or double wrapping the chain or long over a polo in the winter. The possibilities are (almost) endless. 

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