An Historic Jewel with a Story to Unravel
Antique georgian rococo diamond pendant
A unique collector's piece. An interesting jewel in which the history is palpable; a courtly jewel which has been treasured and adapted over the centuries, one can only imagine the stories attached to this precious family heirloom. Needless to say, we were speechless with excitement when we first espied this extraordinary beauty. We had to have her!


To judge her date and origin we can only rely on museums, books and paintings which document the styles of jewellery and its making through time. Although this enchanting ribbon style of ornament was popular from around 1660 and then remained popular until the Victorian era and we believe this Ruby and foiled Diamond bow dates from around 1750, being made to fit around the earlier floral pendant suspended within. 

Diamonds at the time were rare and special, treasured for their unusual interest rather than value, and the central suspended cross shaped floral panel is set with the dark glint of very old foiled table cut Diamonds from the 1500's, most likely of Indian origin. The setting to this section itself appears to be Georgian in style and we believe this fact dates the construction of this pendant section to circa 1700. The Rubies which prettily adorn the bow too are cut tablet fashion, and most likely from the old mines in Burma having this fabulous bright pink hue. 

How many hands have admired this treasure we will never know, as her story has been lost to the years, the glamorous balls she attended and the high society company she kept will only be a memory, but a wonderful thought that she'll live on into her third century!


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