The Rose Cut Diamond

Still often seen in Georgian era jewellery and in later jewels when recycled, in 1730 lexicographer Nathan Bailey defines a rose (cut) Diamond as
“ that is quite flat underneath; but whose upper part is cut in divers little faces, usually triangles, the uppermost of which terminates in a point.” An early description of a rose cut Diamond specifically named as such dates to 1611, when James I of England purchased a “fair rose diamond set in a ring” from London goldsmith John Harris. These Diamonds would have been mined in India and exported to Europe by the Portuguese from their colony in Goa. 

Rose cut diamond
Rose cut diamond

The starting point for a Diamond cutter making a Rose Cut would be to cleave off a fragment of the Diamond to make a flat base. There are generally between three and twenty-four facets on a rose cut, usually triangular in shape, but the majority of rose cuts have between ten and twelve facets, older rose-cuts will generally sit up higher and have fewer facets. These twinkly Diamonds have a unique and gentle gleam which speaks of candlelight and is more subtle than its more brilliantly cut descendants. 


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