Under the Loupe; Unique Old Single-cut Brilliant Diamond Ring
If you're looking for a special ring, one which will be endlessly fascinating, with it's history and age palpable from every glance, this piece could fit the bill quite nicely. The Diamonds are very interesting; their profiles high and square with sharp angles, and after some examination with a 10x loupe it is apparent that these are very old Diamonds. Excitement!! The centre stone is an old single cut brilliant, circa 1600's which is one of the simplest forms of polished Diamond, very close to the natural pyramidic shape of the Diamond crystal, with just the facets polished. This one has both table and culet, but both are square shaped.

The two Diamonds which flank the centre stone are cut in the 'Perruzzi' style, circa 1700, and the end stones again are table-cuts. These stones would have been recycled at the time this ring was made and so have lived at least three centuries since they were cut! They don't necessarily have the fizzy brilliance of the newer cuts of Diamonds, but what they do have is an immense historical interest and curiosity attached to them, and their own enormously distinctive beauty.

When trying to age this ring, the fact that the stones are open to the back of the Diamonds rather than closed, would indicate that this is a Victorian rather than a Georgian piece as open backed settings to stones weren't widely used in the 18th century, and this is supported by the fact that 18ct gold didn't became a standard until 1798. In the style of a classic Victorian five-stone ring; upon examination this charming ring has an unusual square-ish flat topped profile and in addition, a carved silver setting to the Diamonds which would point more to it being a rare earlier Victorian piece.

In every aspect there's so much to cherish, she's truly a piece to set your heart a-flutter. She's very dear to us and the lucky, lucky lady who get's to wear her and bring her back to life again is one to envy!


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