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OH!! Glittering Sensation! Antique Continental Diamond Ring


Quite simply majestic! Straight from the forbidden Courts of Paris, this antique beauty would likely have seen many balls and parties in her years. An elongated but softly rounded navette flattering to the hand, it dates to the mid 19th century and reflects the taste for ostentatious jewels and appreciation of beauty. Divinely different and plumply hand cut, each of these unique old Diamonds is the definition of beauty, with light dancing as it touches each facet leaving a spray of fascinatingly magical glitter as the hand moves through the air. A most special jewel destined to find an heirloom place in a fortunate jewelbox. 

We judge the combined Diamond weight to be in the region of 2.60cts, and mounted in a light gallery of Silver upon 18ct yellow Gold, the whole is nicely patinated with a gracely and historic air. With French Assay (the Eagle) and Import marks (the Swan) to the back of the band, it is likely this jewel was created elsewhere in Europe, possibly in The Austro Hungarian Empire famed at the time for its jewels and craftspeople. The ring size is an 'O' or '7.25' but could be altered a wee bit to suit. the face measures just over an inch lengthwise and half an inch across, the ring size an 'O' or '7.25' but may be altered to suit.

View a video of this ring here: Antique Continental Diamond Ring