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Astoundingly Rare Intricate Antique 15ct Gold Victorian Grand Tour Micro Mosaic Pendant


Now this is a lovely piece for the collector!

A most wondrous historic Victorian Micro mosaic pendant depicting a Golden Scarab beetle, picked out in gorgeous metallics, which in ancient Egypt symbolised renewal or eternity itself. It would seem that this piece had great significance for her owner and was perhaps worn in mourning as the back panel which homes a locket section, holds the most exquisitely finely plaited blonde hair.  

There is sooo much work to this piece! The beautiful coloured Mosaic panels have been painstakingly crafted from tiny fragments of glass, or tesserae, placed carefully so as to create the design. Rome was famous for this kind of intricate work and beautiful pieces such as this would have been eagerly bought by travellers on the 'Grand Tour'. Circa 1860's, this sumptuous piece has even more desirability in the added detail of elaborate Etruscan styled wire work and beading in 15ct gold to the setting and bale, as inspired by the famous Italian jeweller Fortunato Pio Castellani.

The whole pendant from the top of the bale measures two inches, and we have found an antique Pinchbeck snake chain which compliments her quite nicely, but she could alternatively be worn on a silk ribbon as she drapes so languorously. Read our blog article about Grand Tour Jewellery.