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Historic Antique Georgian Hardstone Cameo Ring


Inspired by a Neo Classical aesthetic and the jewels of ancient Romans, this precious antique Hardstone Cameo ring is a scarce find. Dating to the very early 19th century when the well-to-do young lady would be fashionably obsessed by Classical Greek and Roman themes as regards her dress and artistic endeavours, and this most charming little trinket would have graced her hand carrying a message of her cultured mind to all who observed. The sweetest image, hand carved on Banded Agate of a reclining Goddess beside an Urn between elegantly curved arms which meet at the back to a double band. Just endlessly charming! Hand crafted in 15ct Gold (an early use of this alloy which was only recognised and given its own stamp in 1854), it is a ring size 'P and a half' or '7.75' but we could alter to suit however perhaps not too small a size.  

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