Wrapping gift

BoxesWe'd love to be able to send out each jewel in an original antique or vintage box, but sadly they are too expensive and scarce so this isn't a viable option. 

  • Our small boxes are of card with cotton starch wadding, or in the case of more expensive items, good quality boxes to preserve your jewels in. 
  • We use recycled tissue paper for gift wrapping.
  • We are working towards sourcing recycled satin ribbons for gift wrapping. 


Packaging - We keep and where possible reuse the packaging materials in which deliveries are sent to us (we hope you don't mind this).

  • Our padded envelopes are entirely made of recycled paper with shredded recycled paper padding.
  • We use recyclable bubble wrap (when we occasionally run out of the preferred option of 2nd hand packaging).