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Vintage 0.45ct Brilliant-cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Singularly sweet, a classic vintage solitaire Diamond engagement ring dating to the mid 20th century. The early Modern Brilliant-cut Diamond measures as 0.45ct and is wonderfully bright and captivating, and interesting as it still features the central culet facet and a slightly thicker girdle than the later brilliants. Pleasingly round, in an 8-claw coronet of platinum and on an 18ct yellow gold band which adds warmth, the shoulders are of fine platinum and engraved with an elongated rectangular motif. All lovely and elegantly unfussy. 

The Diamond is beautifully white and glittery with a fabulous scintillation, but note that there are a couple of carbon inclusions which are centrally placed, these can be seen in the first photograph on 20x zoom. We can adjust the size to suit for free, currently an 'R' or US '8.5'.