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Vintage 1.39ct Old European Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Item #07481


A magnificent, and most desirable 1.39ct old 'European cut' Diamond of the most beauteously sublime water, glistening and scintillating to wonderful effect on each turn of the hand. Dating to the 1920's/30's and all original, the whole is harmoniously considered to a perfection, with an Art Deco style squared geometric mount of platinum with decorative fan shaped motifs cut to the sides showing the generously plump profile of the hand cut Diamond.  

We judge the bewitchingly lovely old Diamond, which dates to around the 1890's to be H colour/VS2 quality, as there is a small natural inclusion to the edge which can be seen in the magnified first photograph at around 'three o'clock'. This however, does not detract from its surpassing beauty and is not visible with the naked eye. The ring size is an 'L' or US '5 and three quarters', but simple for us to adjust the size to fit. 

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